Cumulative Trauma Work Comp ClaimsDisrupting Your Workplace

It hurts to write this article. Cumulative trauma (CT) claims are wrecking the California work comp system. Nearly every litigated work comp claim has a cumulative trauma aspect to it. But why?

Living up to our image - bringing tech to industry!

C3 Risk & Insurance Services today announced the launch of its new SaferWorks smartphone technology for businesses to use in documenting inspections. The app is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use by both the company administrator and by the company end users.

Showdown - California vs. 1099 Contractors

A recent California Superior Court decision vs. Dynamex Operations West, Inc. puts a tremendous burden of proof on employers in two ways...


The #1 Reason Unexpected Costs occur with employee benefits

Problem: A financial loss is sustained because insurance premiums continue to be paid on an employee who had been terminated.  In this case, the insurer was not notified of the termination and thus insurance premiums continue to be paid.

Solutions: There are 3 ways to prevent or manage this type of financial loss from occurring...

CAliforia Workers' Compensation - State of the Union

Each year the California Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) publishes a lengthy report that summarizes insurer data and actuary information.  There is important information in this publication that indicates what the year to come will look like in terms of the insurance marketplace. 

Insuring Clinical Trials 101

Your company is about to embark on a clinical trial.   Insuring this exposure is unique and a bit more complex than your typical insurance.  This blog provides three high level items you need to obtain a quote and place coverage followed by a question and answer section to help you gain an introductory level understanding.

General Contractors - Don't Get a change Order Because of Safety

Subcontractor safety management presents one of the most challenging tasks for project management teams. Occasionally, subcontractors lack adequate internal resources to effectively manage safety. Some subcontractors fabricate or adopt a basic safety program to meet the requirements of the general contractor. Others just lack a safety program all together.

The Big One Will Ruin Your Life - 4 Misguided Beliefs

Earthquakes happen regularly. Lets break down the annual statistics worldwide:

The Earthquakes Department of Conservation notes that California generally gets two or three earthquakes large enough to cause moderate damage to structures (magnitude 5.5+) each year…