Garrett Schmenk

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Chief Innovation Officer

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Garrett graduated from W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU with a B.S. in Marketing w/ an emphasis in Digital Technology, minoring in Pattern Recognition and Human Behavior.  He also carries a certification in Sport’s Medicine.  He’s been working with software companies and startups ever since, and was recruited by Jamie and Gabe in 2013 to help them bring to market what was at the time one of the first business-facing InsurTech platforms on the stage of DEMO in Silicon Valley.

"I create systems and technologies to maximize our team's ability to deliver an unparalleled client experience.  I also get to help build our brand and expand our digital footprint by showcasing how fun and entrepreneurial the insurance space can be.  I believe C3's continued success will be two factors, pressure-cooked together: 1) the innovation and strategies we continue to learn from our tech companies, and 2) the centuries of combined insurance experience we've accumulated from our experienced team.  We've seen many startups over the past decade aim to disrupt the insurance space with crowd sourcing automation and displacement.  At C3, instead of “disrupting” this relationship-driven industry, we strive to strengthen those relationships by leveraging innovation and technology to provide transparency and efficiency to our clients, team members, and partners.  Google sought out to be the best tech company in the world with one strategy: attract the best talent.  Our legacy will be defined by our team, the relationships we hold true, and a workplace rhythm that gives cadence to the new heartbeat of insurance.  Positive company culture is our C3 family's oxygen."

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