Haylea Minks

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Employee Benefits Broker

Haylea is our in-house Employee Benefits broker who concentrates on helping businesses offer insurance solutions they can use to incentivize, grow and retain their workforce. With over a decade of experience with helping individuals, families, and small and large businesses formulate their insurance decisions, Haylea knows what it takes to advise clients year after year.  She knows it is more than quoting the market's cheapest flavor of the week, and prides herself on taking the time to truly connect with the heart-beating people she's working help; always being sure to communicate her understanding of their needs back to them.

Haylea was born and raised in Southern California and, like most locals, has a deep affection for the Pacific Ocean. When she’s not paddle boarding or walking her rescue dog at the beach, you'll find her spending time giving back through her commitment to Rotary. Haylea has been a member of the Rotary Club of Del Mar for over 3 years and has had great success with local projects, like helping to start the first-ever interact club at a continuation school, as well as international projects. Since 2015, she has been working with a school in Nicaragua to provide them with access to clean water and improve their campus. With passion comes purpose- to know Haylea Minks is to know her undeniable and unwavering commitment to her clients, as well as her local and global community.