Lindsay Bonar

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Life Insurance / Benefits Broker

With over a decade of customer service and management experience, Lindsay joins C3’s Benefit department as our Group Account Manager and life insurance strategist.  Born and raised in the islands of Hawaii, Lindsay prides herself on starting with ‘Aloha’ when identifying and resolving conflicts with her clients, and brings a detailed personal touch to all of her collaborations.  Following her completion of her Bachelor’s degree from the University of San Diego, Lindsay was first introduced to the Health and Life insurance industry 7 years ago at an entry-level position, where she promoted herself to Senior Account Manager in less than 12 months. Since 2016, she’s has taken on new challenges by diving into the world of sales and advising, focusing heavily on Life insurance and legacy strategy. Her strengths and passions align with opportunities to lead and innovate, as she is constantly searching for “a better way to do it” in order to ease and improve the daily lives of consumers in her market.

The youngest child of a blended family, Lindsay is an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance, and is authoring an autobiographical memoir in support of her cause. She has two God-children she claims as her “first-borns,” and can be spotted frequently attempting to hold strangers’ babies at any opportunity. A life-long lover of animals, she fills as many moments as possible with her rescue-pooch, Millie, and hopes to someday become a serial foster-mom for elderly and disabled pets.”