Take your insurance journey with our team

Our team of insurance professionals has a combined 500+ years in the insurance space...seriously.  Technology drives us to innovate, but these individuals and their experiences are the core foundation of our insurance expertise and services.

Alexis Behseta

Arlene Reid

Ashkan Alborzian

Atusa Hangafarin

Beverly Powell

Brandi Fillipone

Brian Faulstich

Brianna Field

Bryan Cox

Carla Luger

Carrie Conejo

Cathy Liu

Chor Granada

Cindy Lou Smith

Craig Schell

Drew Baker

Eric Sheetz

Faye Deeming

Fred Liebel

Gabe Erle

Geri Sebastian

Haylea Minks

Irving Li

Ivan Rostovsky

Jamie Reid

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Janet Darby

Jim Eggert

Joanie Cramer

Joe Erle

John Kassar

Joy Liu

Joy Robinson

Kellen Stanford

Keri Oels

Lady Nguyen

Lauran Graham

Liana Binder

Lilly Ordonez

Lindsay Bonar

Lis Georgeson

Mariela Connery

Megan Seitz

Monica Dong

Ona Kolosky

Rayne Song

Rebekah Marks

Reed Reznicek

Royce Sheetz

Shannon Bailey

Shawna Brugh

Stacey Pierce

Steven Li

Trish Villarreal

Tulu Workman